Nobody is an indoor person

If you’re Dutch, and you listen to the radio or watch TV every so often, you may have caught the latest advert campaign from a major outdoor sports retailer: Niemand is een binnenmens, or Nobody is an Indoor Person! Do what you want, but do it outside. It’s a great slogan! How many of us spend all of our time indoors and on our butts? And seeing as the weather today was absolutely gorgeous, I grabbed my bike and went out the door for a breath of fresh air. With my camera, of course!


It’s a national holiday today (liberation day), and everyone has the day off, so the roads were busy with people who had the same idea as me. Catching a moment when the road was actually empty was pretty difficult!


Bright greens and yellows and blues: summer is really just around the corner. Last weekend I was at a festival where the temperatures didn’t rise above 10 °C, today it was around 18°C and lovely. Such a difference!


I’d love to chill out on a boat on days like today. There’s mooring spots all along the canal and lake over here.

4It wouldn’t be a national holiday without waving flags everywhere!

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