I might talk shrooms, but we’re not cooking today

Oh man, do I love Autumn. It’s the feeling of cold, crisp air on my face and the colours in the trees and the leaves on the ground. And it’s the prospect of cozy evenings curled up on the couch with a blanket and a hot coco. The smell of home baking which always features a lot more cinnamon when the weather turns colder (at least it does in this house!). Oh man, do I love Autumn.

Part of it is because I love to go for walks in the forest. We drive out to just past Utrecht, park our car at a visitor’s centre, and hit the trails. We don’t even have to go far! And it’s the best when it’s cold and slightly misty. My mum and dad agree. So this morning, we did just that! And there’s proof, too! We saw the strangest mushrooms, the prettiest trees, the best coloured leaves… Take a look.


A real red and white mushroom! We didn’t find any gnomes, though. They probably weren’t at home.


These were massive! They were the size of pancakes!





There was a real abundance of chestnuts this year! Which made up for the complete and utter lack of beech nuts.
This was a shroom! Can you believe it? It looks like someone left a loofah lying around in the middle of the forest!

The only downside to walks in the forest this time of year? I have so much mud to clean off my shoes…

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