FO: Orchid Cowl

It’s been such a while since I finished a knitting project, even though I had plenty of WIP’s lying around to choose from. I bought the yarn for this cowl originally for a different project, a shrug to go with my wedding dress, but failed to even cast on in time for my wedding to make that happen. After that, it lay around for a year until I cast on for the Orchid Cowl. A lovely little project made of alternating patches of lace and stockinette, with little bumpy ridges of garter stitch to break it up. It looked like a quick little knit, and it should have been, but I kept putting it down after a few rows and forgetting it for weeks, sometimes months on end.


The lace pattern is easy to memorise but I messed it up several times anyway: I mixed up the patterns, lost my spot in the pattern sequence, accidentally ended up adding stitches, even managed to forget rows entirely. I’m a champ, I know. Even the stockinette parts weren’t without its faults. I’ll just chalk it up to not paying attention to my needles enough, and as a learning experience, because despite all that, I consider my first lace project a success! It’s a lovely, soft little cowl that snugly fits around my neck twice but isn’t bulky in the least. It’ll offer some cozy warmth when the weather turns colder.


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